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About Us

Computational biology & medicine laboratory (CBML) is an inter disciplinary research group focused on engineering application in the fields of medicine and biology. CBML was founded in 2008 by Dr. Fatima Merchant. We have since made significant contributions in the broader areas of health care and related fields. The broad research spectrum of the lab includes computational medicine, quantitative biology, multidimensional image acquisition and tissue engineering

The computational medicine wing of our lab is focused on quantitative engineering in clinical medical analyses and basic science/clinical research. We utilize 3D stereophotogrammetric imaging for analysis of breast shape for breast surgery decision aid, surgical planning and quantitative outcome analysis

The quantitative biology and multi-dimensional imaging wing works in digital image acquisition and image analysis of various biological systems. 3D modeling for mapping the nuclear localization of genomic components is one of our prime focus in this area.

The tissue engineering wing focuses on research to control biochemical and physio-chemical factors to improve or replace biological functions. Our innovative approach utilizes biomaterial surface properties for cell adhesion and aggregation without the need of complex biochemical surface modifications that are currently used.

We work extensively in collaboration with our colleagues at MD Anderson cancer center and UT Austin . We seek to enrich our scientific expertise in related areas through collaborations with research groups across the globe.