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Fatima Merchant, PhD

Lab Director

Fatima Merchant, PhD

Department Chair
Computer Engineering Technology and Computational Health Informatics, Biotechnology

Office: 225E
College of Technology Building
Phone: 713-743-8292
Fax: 713-743-0172

Current Post-Doctoral Fellow

Maram Quttina, Ph.D.

Maram Quttina, Ph.D.

Current Ph.D. Students

Jefferson Friguglietti

Jefferson Friguglietti

Urmila Sampathkumar

Urmila Sampathkumar

Nassima Noufail

Nassima Noufail

Jeremy Easton-Marks

Jeremy Easton-Marks

Ph.D. Degree alumnus

Susmi Das, PhD. May 2014 (Process Engineer at Intel Corporation)

Lijuan Zhao, PhD. May 2015

Charu Hans, PhD. Aug 2015 (Data Science Architect at Schlumberger)

Audrey Cheong, PhD. May 2018  (Senior Systems Engineer at Raytheon)

Fan-yun Yen, PhD. May 2019  (Data Scientist at BKO Services)

MS Thesis Degree alumnus

Vyom Munshi, MS, Aug 2008 (Software Engineer at Microsoft)

Shantanu Mujumdar, MS, Aug 2010 (Staff Software Engineer at Paypal)

Manas Kawale, MS, Dec 2010 (Software Manager at Amazon)

Amol Shete, MS, May 2011 (Software Engineer at HERE Technologies) 

Arijit Bose, MS, May 2012 (Software Engineer at IBM) 

Arnaud Bonset, MS, Aug 2012 (Unit Director at Astek)

Danni Li, MS, Aug 2013 (Software Engineer at Microsoft)

Adrian Sitter, MS, Aug 2015 (Engineering Manager at Cradlepoint)

Simon Kellaway, MS, Oct 2015 (Postdoctoral Researcher at UCL)

Judit Boglarka Csere, MS, Oct 2017 (Process Lead at Capgemini)

Jefferson Friguglietti, MS, Dec 2017 (PhD. student at University of Houston)

Darius McPhail, MS, Jun 2019 (PhD. student)

Zhale Nowroozilarki, MS, May 2020 (PhD. student at Texas A&M)

Fatima Alshamsi, MS, Dec 2020 (Research Consultant at Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center)

MS Project alumnus:

Hafsa Farooqui, MS, Dec 2009 (Cyber Security Professional at Dell)

Sindhura Kanneganti, MS, Dec 2010 (Principal Consultant at Federal-Mogul)

Ruth Deneke, MS, Dec 2017 (Core Technician at Lonza)

Michelle Ngo, MS, Dec 2017 (Viral Vector Point of Contact at Lonza)

Swathi Manasa Mokkapati, MS, May 2019 (Data Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services)

Oluwakemi Eleyinafe, MS, May 2019 (PhD. Student at the University of Kent)

Thao Bui, MS, May 2020 (Epidemiologist III at CDC Foundation)

Kuei-Yu Lan, MS, May 2020 (Senior Software Engineer at Advantech)

Anita Kouhestanian, MS, (Data Analyst at QuEst Global)